project appraisal

Our project Appraisal service is carried out remotely and does not require a site visit. The cost is £349 + VAT

*this is included when you sign up to our support service

When thinking about undertaking a building project of any size it can be difficult to know where to start;


  • Who should you talk to?


  • How much will my building project cost?


  • Are there any hidden costs or unknown costs?


  • What are the risks of my building project?

  • Do I need planning permission?


  • Should I talk to a builder?


  • Do I need Thames Water approval?


  • Do I need Building Control approval?


  • Do I need a Party Wall Agreement?


  • Will I be liable under health & safety regulations if something goes wrong?

The above are just some of the questions we hear and that need to be answered before undertaking a building project. By answering them before even appointing a designer to start the process, you will have a clearer understanding of the total project cost and the likely hurdles you face.


Building projects can be a minefield, with unexpected costs and statutory requirements that many people are unaware of. Our Project Appraisal service is a desktop study that will enable you to approach a project with all the relevant information with a good understanding of what is involved, what your budget needs to be.


Once you have had your project appraised, you can then appoint a designer to take your project forward, with an initial survey of your property and to develop some schemes based on your brief. The information we supply will give you a clear understanding of what consents you require, as well as knowing who is responsible for what.


The appraisal is carried out remotely and does not require a site visit. Simply fill out the form below including brief details of your project and we will then request some information to help us, such as photographs and postal address etc

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